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This project does not have an installer. Sorry. It's a manual process - but it's not terribly difficult. It only takes three or four steps:
  1. Drag and drop the DLL into your C:\Windows\assembly folder. This is called the "GAC" or "Global Assembly Cache". It's the place that Windows looks for DLLs when applications (such as BIDS and DTExec) ask it for them.
  2. Copy the DLL to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Dts\PipelineComponents folder. Despite the DLL being in the GAC, BIDS and DTExec expect the DLL to be located here as well.
  3. If you have a 64-bit OS, also copy the DLL to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Dts\PipelineComponents folder. If you don't have a 64-bit OS, you won't have this folder.
  4. Start BIDS, add a Data Flow to a new package, switch to the Data Flow view, right-click on the toolbox, and select "Choose Items...". Find the "Replacing Data Conversion" and check the checkbox.

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corey_lawson Sep 13, 2013 at 7:21 PM 

Let's say I have a SSIS package that manipulates a template package programmatically that has this component in it (to map all incoming "DT_timestamp" data type fields (NOT SQL Server TimeStamp fields, if they're there) to DT_STR fields, and then this component is hooked up to a Destination component (SQL Server, specifically, and the equivalent fields here are "datetime" or "datetime2" fields).

(I got started on this whole thing from here:, and it works nicely for me... This path works for me as I'm using ADO.Net in order to get to 32-bit ODBC data sources... which kind of makes it harder/impossible to do it with BIML or EzAPI, as they both really want to work with OLEDB data sources & destinations)

More specifically, I've run into an issue with running my package where the source is DB2 (on AS400) and destination is SQL Server 2008. The DB2 TIMESTAMP datatype *should* map to Sql Server 2008's datetime2 data type, but alas, I get "truncation" errors when I run the package and I can't seem to ignore the errors normally.

If I manually add a Data Conversion task into the data flow, and specify each DB2 TIMESTAMP field to convert to a DT_STR field first, and then map the converted fields to their similarly-named SQL Server datetime2 fields, that package then runs w/o issues...

I'm obviously trying to avoid manually finding the input TIMESTAMP fields that are in a source table, adding fields to the Data Conversion component for each TIMESTAMP source column, and then hooking things up right in the Destination.

One more... what might I need to do to make it work for BIDS 2010/2012?

talwar_ Mar 25, 2012 at 5:30 AM 
cant seem to get the component to show up in Choose Items :( Followed all instructions above and even trying doing a gacutil -i.

im using sql2008 r2 x64 on win7.